About Harriet R. Mitchell, JD

-The Master Collaborator

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Skills Assessment

  • Diversity Training

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Workshop Facilitator

Harriet Mitchell is a Master Bridge Builder helping individuals, business and organizations to transition from one place to another in their personal and professional development.


Harriet uses a collaborative approach to create pathways of long-lasting solutions to complex issues. Through a series of meaningful workshops, she tackles anger management and disempowerment issues, that face many individuals on a daily basis. Harriet teaches people how to communicate and manage their frustrations order to take their power back. In other sessions,Harriet strategically shows clients how to explore their vantage points; she believes that each person’s perspective and set of experiences can be used as a launch pad to propel them to their next level.


Her life experiences fuel Harriet's drive to be a communicator and collaborator. Harriet's passion for being twin daughters,  she persisted toward fulfilling her dreams and goals. In addition to her collaboration service, Harriet worked as a truck driver until she eventually established and operated her own a transportation service. During her mid-40’s, she decided to matriculate to law school so she could become an advocate for families.


Harriet earned her Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration and obtained her Juris Doctor from Arizona Summit School of Law. She has been a member of Delta Theta Law Group and a member of Maricopa County Family Law Mediation. She lives in Richmond and has volunteered her time in Teen Court.