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  • Developing  Healthy Coping Strategies

  • Building Interpersonal Skills

  • Collaborative Relationship Coaching

  • Identifying Bridge Building Techniques

  • The Power of Healing Conversations

The confidence you feel when moving forward...

CCG is an action-based and innovative company that supplies the tools needed to enable individuals, businesses, teams, and communities to start result focused conversations.  We provide training in a host of areas to help develop healthy solutions to many of the problems faced in life.


Simply put, we provide social engagement with the goal of building stronger communities. What makes CCG different is our team of professionals who bring a variety of backgrounds to bear, including:  legal, healthcare, educators and links to service providers.


Our training programs under the confidence you feel when moving foward and also include may years of collaborative, proven professional training, which allows us to seamlessly incorporate diverse vantage points which will aid in moving toward win-win scenarios in your life.


Your Healing begins now!

Let's Start a Conversation...


I understand how life can get overwhelming at times. So start a conversation individually, in a group or in a professional setting to help you move to the next logical step.


Contact me for a 30 Minute Consult first:

A.) To identify where you are

B. ) To see if we are a right fit or if I can direct you towards a better fit for your situation

c.) Commit to a time or place to begin your process towards a win/win solution. 


Don't try to do this alone...

Harriet offers real help, real answers & real solutions



Enables individuals to identify relevant points of interest to foster productive dialog.


Leverage real-life experiences, media, and dialog to find common points of interest.


 towards an intended resolution, that is designed benefits everyone involved in the process.

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